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Things That Come With Features That You Didn’t Know About

In our everyday life we use numerous things, from morning to night we literally have some or the other thing that we are putting in use. From clothes to shoes, from school stationery to office equipment’s, from food to utensils, each and every product has its own purpose. But did you know that some of these products have a particular feature that has its purpose. Although each product has its own purpose, the additional feature on these products is actually there to make things easier for you. Scroll over as we bring you different commodities and explore their unique features:

1. Holes In The Pen Caps

Things That Come With Features That You Didn’t Know About

One common speculation behind this was for it to dry the ink faster. Another theory claimed that the hole in the cap helped equalize pressure when one opened and closed it.

So, what is the real reason?

However this is actually a safety feature meant to prevent suffocation in case a child or pet swallows the cap. The hole in the cap is there to keep airway from closing completely.

2. Indents On Wine Bottles

Things That Come With Features That You Didn’t Know About

A punt at the bottom of a bottle increases surface area, allowing more ice to come into contact with it and thus chilling the liquid inside quicker. Another purpose of this indent is to prevent spilling of wine and give it an easier hold and pour.

3. Studs On Denims

Things That Come With Features That You Didn’t Know About
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Levi Strauss blog posts decodes one of denim’s most puzzling mysteries. The little metal details are actually called rivets. “In 1871, Latvian immigrant Jacob Davis pioneered rivets while working as a tailor in Reno, Nevada,” the post explains. They were actually used on horse blankets before Davis came up with the idea to add them to clothing.

“He found they worked well for re-enforcing the stress point in men’s work trousers—particularly the corners of the back pockets and the crotch, which often tore apart when exposed to heavy duty wear and tear,” the brand adds. This makes a lot of sense, especially since pockets experience so much tension when you put things in them and take items out. Davis took his brilliant idea to Levi Strauss, and together they acquired a patent for “improvement in fastening pocket-openings.” Levi Strauss was the first company to manufacture riveted pants in the 1800s.

4. Beer Bottle Necks

Things That Come With Features That You Didn’t Know About

The beer bottles are designed with necks to keep our beers cooler. When you hold the beer bottle, the heat of your palm is reaching the beer inside. Gripping the bottle on its neck not only gives a comfortable hold but also prevents the beer from getting warmer with heat of our hands.

5. Dimples On Golf Balls

Things That Come With Features That You Didn’t Know About

About a century ago, after someone realized that a scuffed-up ball travels farther than a shiny new one, balls gained dimples. Now manufacturers invest millions of dollars each year to design better performing golf balls.

The dimples in golf balls create turbulence, or mixed airflow, which, if done right, reduces drag.

6. Hole At The Bottom Of Locks

In case your lock is stuck and you cannot open it, you can pour oil in the holes and this will help you turn the key without any difficulty. When you drip the oil, make sure you let it stand for a minute before dripping oil again. Let it stand for one more minute or till it drips through the drain hole and use your key. Your lock should now work perfectly!

Additionally these holes serve as drains if any liquid gets trapped in the locks.

7. Arrow On The Gas Gauge

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That little arrow tells you which side of your car the fuel cap is located on.Brilliant, right?! It’s an especially helpful feature if you’re driving a rental car, but also pretty handy in your day-to-day life if you’re one of those people who can just never remember whenever you pull into a gas station.

8. Grooves On Toothpicks

To make it easier to break it from the end, which can be an indication that the toothpick is used. This prevents accidental or unintentional reuse by any other person, which is unhygienic.

After breaking along the ridge, one can rest the pointed tip of the toothpick on the ridge and keep using the toothpick during his meal. In this way one can keep the tip away from any contact other than the toothpick itself and can ensure sanity.

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