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Side-By-Side ‘Genetic Portraits’ show similarities between family members

Side-By-Side ‘Genetic Portraits’ Show Similarities Between Family Members

Has anyone told you “you look just like your mother?” These striking portraits by photographer Ulric Collette show the physical similarities between family members. Ulric is a designer, graphic designer and photographer from Quebec City in Canada. 

‘genetic portraits‘ documents the similarities between various family relationships including parent and child, grandparent and grandchild, cousins, siblings, and even the striking resemblances between twins.

Scroll down below to see Ulric’s impressive work for yourself, and let us know what you think in the comments!More info: Website | Instagram

Sisters: Juliette, 13 & Sam, 15, 2016

Sisters: Élodie, 24 & Audrey, 30, 2014

Twins: Christine & Laurence, 25, 2014

Sisters: Véronique, 32 & Catherine, 26, 2014

Brothers: Éric, 39 & Dany, 31, 2013

Daugther/Mother: Pascale & Ghislaine, 2013

Sisters: Justine, 34 & Émilie, 36 2013

Cousins: Ulric, 34 & Justine, 34, 2013

Brothers: Loyd, 30 & Jean-Philippe, 27, 2013

I started with that project in 2008, as part of a 365-day-project of self portraits,’ colette explains in an interview with justsomething. 

the first picture was this one with my seven-year-old son. in the beginning I wanted to create an ‘adult child’ face, but in the course of the editing I had the idea to compare our two faces. I have then done the same with other members of my family, and when it became obvious that there’s often an impressive similarity between two people sharing the same genes, I did it with friends, then strangers.

Grandmother/Granddaughter: Ginette, 61 & Ismaëlle, 12, 2013

Brother/Sister: Jean-Philippe, 29 & Véronique, 27, 2013

Daughter/Mother: Marilène, 35 & Réjeane, 64, 2013

Mother/Daughter : Janice, 57 & Sara, 34, 2013

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