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New internet heroes that woke up one morning one of the famous

New Internet Heroes That Woke Up One Morning One Of The Famous

In the era of the Internet, everyone has a chance to become famous at the speed of light. For the heroes of our article, fame came for various reasons: one has a stunning appearance, the second is able to do something unusual, the third is incredibly lucky, the fourth has a big and kind heart. And they all make wonder tricks of fate and just smile once again.

The White House chef

The White House chef Andre Rush drew the attention of users with his 60-centimeter biceps and the fact that he was preparing food for the 4th President of the United States

10-year-old tattoo artist

10-year-old Noko lives in Amsterdam and has been tattooing since 6 years old. She is the daughter of a famous tattoo artist and his student. 20 people have already become clients of Noko

24-year-old engineer Guillermo Martinez

Ayudame3D / Facebook  

24-year-old engineer Guillermo Martinez bought a 3D printer to print toys, but he got so carried away that he now creates hand prostheses and distributes them to people in poor countries

Hayden Hatfield-Reyans

Hayden Hatfield-Reyans became a bone marrow donor for baby Skye with cancer. The girl recovered and became a guest at the wedding of her savior

Bodybuilding Champion

At 33, Rebecca Woody found arthritis. She was told that the maximum that she could do was planting flowers in the garden. Now she is 70 and she is a bodybuilding champion.

“The Ice Queen”

Traveling through Iceland, 77-year-old Judith Strang decided to take a photo on the iceberg, and it was washed away in a wave. Judith was quickly rescued, and she is pleased with the adventure. Now it is called “the ice queen” on the net.

Rock Star

A boy named Boston Simic from Australia conquered the network with his thick hair that constantly juts up. Apparently, he is destined to become a rock star

Youngest Climber

The 10-year-old American, Sila Schneiter, has become the youngest climber to conquer El Capitan, 910 meters high, which is considered one of the most difficult climbing routes in the world. The Force took 3 whole days to do it.

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