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Internet users shared tips that make life easier

Tips That Make Life Easier

The main problem of the summer is mosquitoes, which terrorize people and animals for at least 100 million years . There is no way to figure out how to make them lag behind us, but there was an original solution for how to get rid of the itch after a bite in 20 seconds.

How to remove a mosquito bite in 20 seconds


Make a fridge for the pool by sticking to a plastic noodle container

Tips That Make Life Easier

Use a pill container for storing jewelry.

Tips That Make Life Easier

How do the driver escape the heat

Tips That Make Life Easier

Long fly? Use a can of cola to make a stand for your phone, and enjoy the movie

Tips That Make Life Easier

Use the backpack strap as a cup holder. Especially useful in public transport


Cover the springs with pool knot so as not to pinch your fingers.


Stopped at the hotel? Attach the car key to the charger, so as not to forget it


Tips That Make Life Easier

When the hotel does not have a glass for a toothbrush


A wet paper towel and freezer will quickly cool any bottle.

Use the hotel sink to keep your drinks cold with ice and water if you dont have a mini fridge


Ice cream mug. Hands won’t get cold, ice cream is insulated, more steady to sit on soft surfaces. You are welcome!


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