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50 Interesting Facts to Blow Your Mind #1

Interesting Facts to Blow Your Mind

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1 Actor Leonard Nimoy once gave a cab ride to John F. Kennedy. The future president told the aspiring actor, “Lots of competition in your business, just like in mine. Just remember there’s always room for one more good one.”

2. In order to advertise their services, prostitutes in ancient Greece wore sandals that left the words “follow me” imprinted in the dirt as they walked.

3. Nissan used the number 23 in motorsport racing because the number 2 translates to ni and, the number 3 translates to san. 23 translates to ni-san.

4 Due to human efforts, the ozone layer will recover to 1980 levels by 2050 and will be fully repaired by 2070.

5 When Edward I of England was coming back from the ninth crusade in 1272, he learned that his father had died and that he had been made the king of England. Instead of returning home to be crowned, Edward went on a leisurely trip to Italy and France for almost two years and only came back in 1274.

6 Robin Williams attended Juilliard School but dropped out in his junior year because his teacher, a renowned actor/producer, told him that there was nothing that he could learn from Juilliard that he didn’t already know.

7. Pumpkins, watermelons, avocados, and bananas are all berries while strawberries, raspberries, and blackberries are not. – source

8. A project’s “Bus Factor” denotes the number of people in a company who need to be ‘run over by a bus’ to send the company into such disarray that it would not be able to proceed.

9. There is a one-hole “golf course” just meters south of the Korean DMZ which is surrounded on three sides by minefields. There are reports that at least one shot exploded a land mine.

10. Whale milk has 30-50% fat content and often has the consistency of toothpaste.

50 Interesting Facts to Blow Your Mind

11. Will Purvis, who was convicted of murder in 1894 and had always maintained his innocence, told the jury he would “live longer than the lot of them.” He survived a hanging, was re-incarcerated, and eventually pardoned and released. He died in 1938, three days after the last juror had died.

12. The Wright Brothers achieved flight in a plane that cost roughly $1,000 to build. In the race to fly, they beat Samuel Pierpont Langley, Secretary of the Smithsonian, who failed to achieve a successful flight, despite having $50,000 of government funding put toward his attempts.

13. Frenchman, Max Herve-George, has an insurance policy that lets him trade stocks based on last week’s prices. It’s been called the stupidest contract ever signed and may end up with him owning the insurance company.

14. The Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Ancient Wonders of the World, stood for a mere 50 years before it was destroyed by an earthquake. Its ruins stood and attracted visitors for way longer than the original statue (reportedly hundreds of years) before it was finally recycled for scrap metal.

15. When Romania made their ice hockey World Championship debut in 1931, they lost 0-15 to the USA. Their captain approached the referee after the game and asked him to write a message on the official game sheet, “Thank you for playing against us, we have learned a great deal from this game.”

16. The highest temperature ever recorded in Canada, 45.0°C, is higher than any temperature ever recorded in either Brazil or Thailand.

17. A giant American wasp called the tarantula wasp has a sting so painful, one peer-reviewed journal advises anyone who gets stung to “lie down and scream” to avoid further injury.

18. The act of “giving the key to the city” is a continuation of a medieval practice where the cities would be locked at night but someone given the key could come and go as they please as an honor for something great done for the city.

19. Five-time Tour de France winner, Miguel Indurain, had a resting heart rate of just 28 beats per minute. The average person has a resting heart rate of about 60 beats per minute.

20. Austrian musical group called the Das Erste Wiener Gemüseorchester uses instruments made entirely from vegetables and after the show, they use the vegetables to make soup.

50 Interesting Facts to Blow Your Mind

21. Joe Arridy was named happiest inmate on death row. He had an IQ of 46 and played with a toy train given to him by the warden. Due to his lack of understanding, he smiled on his way to the gas chamber.

22. In 2009, a Kansas City Car Dealer gave away a voucher for a free AK-47 with each truck purchase during a sale.

23. Drowning people cannot wave for help. Nature instinctively forces them to extend their arms laterally and press down on the water’s surface. Pressing down on the surface of the water permits drowning people to leverage their bodies so they can lift their mouths out of the water to breathe.

Interesting Facts

24. Until 1993, the BT Tower was an official state secret despite being a 177-meter tall structure in the middle of central London that was open to the public.

25. Mushrooms can create a slight breeze even when the air is calm. They release water vapor, cooling the air and creating a convective current that gets the air moving, carrying spores away from the parent.

26. In 1961 James Monaghan, co-founder of Domino’s Pizza traded his 50% stake in the company to his brother Tom for a used Volkswagen. Tom went on to sell his 93% for 1 billion.

27. In the early days of iTunes, Universal Music Group deducted artist’s iTunes royalties for costs such as “packaging” and “breakages” on digital downloads. Eminem sued them.

28. Most of the “predictions” made by Nostradamus are false. They were riddled with a number of errors. He did not predict his own death correctly as it was his secretary who edited it after his death.

29. A researcher in the 1970s blindfolded participants and told them they were going to play tug-of-war against another team. When they were told they had 3 others pulling with them, they pulled 18% less strenuously than when they were told they were alone. The effect is now known as social loafing.

30. When Paypal was started they gave $20 to everyone that made an account and $20 for every person they referred. This cost them $60-70 million, but they had 100,000 customers in the month PayPal went online.

50 Interesting Facts to Blow Your Mind

31. Clint Eastwood booted Phillip Kaufamn as director of The Outlaw Josey Wales (1976) and assumed the job himself. In response, the Directors Guild of America created the Eastwood Rule that prohibits an actor or producer from firing the director and then becoming the director himself.

32. Bob Marley’s wife, Rita, was shot in the head during his attempted assassination. However, she had dreadlocks so thick, they saved her life.

33. Scientists in Berlin asked adults to play Super Mario 64 over a period of 2 months for 30 minutes a day. The group showed increases of gray matter, demonstrating “the direct causal link between video gaming and a volumetric brain increase.”

34. South Korea, despite having completed the transition to digital broadcast (ATSC) in 2012, still maintains analog broadcast near its borders for North Koreans watching South Korean TV secretly.

35. The Type A/B Personality Theory was actually invented by the cigarette industry in the 1950s to prove coronary heart disease and cancer were risks related to high-stress personality types instead of tobacco use.

36. Coffee flour is made from Coffee cherries, the discarded fruit surrounding the coffee bean. In spite of being high in fiber and protein, 75% of it is discarded post-coffee production.

Interesting Facts

37. The bananas we buy in stores and supermarkets are genetically identical clones, all descended from one banana. These bananas are seedless and sterile. Natural bananas are short, fat, and have huge seeds.

38. The frosting is a buttery, thick coating for a cake while the icing is a sugary, thin glaze that hardens when dry.

39. The eastern part of Laos was so heavily bombed during the Vietnam War that most people can supplement their income by collecting scrap metal 40 years later and some completely rely on it.

40. Compared to average shoppers, chefs are more likely to buy generic store brands for sugar, baking soda, and other kitchen staples.

41. Lofoten an island in Norway that lies at 68° north, well within the Arctic Circle, that has an extreme temperature anomaly. Summers are warm and winter temperatures rarely pass below the freezing point.

42. Before a hurricane, Wal-Mart will fill their stores with strawberry pop tarts. This is a result of their data mining and finding that stores sold 7x more strawberry pop tarts before the storm.

43. A snail spent years glued to a card in the British museum before they realized it was alive

44. In the 1870s William Shanks spent 15 years of his life calculating pi to 707 places, by hand.

45. During WWII, the code word for “Hitler” was “Crazy white man” for the Comanche Code Talkers

46. Mr. Rogers‘ parents adopted an African-American teenager named George. Rogers came to consider George his older brother, and George later became an instructor for the Tuskegee Airmen of World War II and also taught Rogers how to fly.

47. In 2001, DEA attempted to ban glow sticks from parties by labeling them as “drug paraphernalia.”

48. In 1859, English settler Thomas Austin released only 24 rabbits onto his property in Australia, stating “The introduction of a few rabbits could do little harm and might provide a touch of home, in addition to a spot of hunting.” By the 1920’s the population of rabbits in Australia reached 10 billion.

49. Clair Cameron Patterson, the man who figured out how old planet earth really is, was the same man who discovered worldwide environmental lead contamination which eventually led to leaded gasoline’s banning.

50. During his time as a Congressman and later the US President, John F. Kennedy donated all of his salaries to charity.

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