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#10YearChallenge : Celebrity 10-Year-Challenges

If you’ve been anywhere on the internet in the last couple of weeks, you’ll have no doubt come across #10YearChallenge on social media.

If not, the challenge is simple – post a 2009 photo of yourself next to a recent one, to show how much you’ve changed.

Millions have taken part. Here’s What few Celebs Look Like In 2009 Vs. 2019

#1 Miley Cyrus

#2 Jessica Biel

What a difference ten years can make! Although I do still have a lot of ❤️ for my tan lines, hoops and blonde days… 

#3 Reese Witherspoon

Time sure does fly when you are having fun!! 

#4 Ryan Seacrest

When time and hair product are on your side

#5 Lori Loguhlin

#6 Kate Hudson

#7 Anne Hathaway

Wow. Check out 2009 me trying so hard not to do anything wrong. Check out 2019 me doing what feels right.
Wicked sweet 🙂

#8 Eva Longoria

#9 Ellen DeGeneres

#10 Tyra Banks

#11 Viola Davis

What do you think?

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