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Things we can’t live without

Do you ever think how it will be like without something you need? Well, today there are tons of things we can live without, but some things can’t. We are going to discuss what few things we cannot live without in our lifetime.

9. H2O (WATER)

If the body doesn’t consume water within the 24 hours then it’s consider dehydration. You body will go into a shock or organ failure. Might take a few days for the organ failure to start taking place, but it’s a serious matter. We can live without food for seven days, but without water, we will die.


Now this is something we really need… We all need air to breath and so does all life on this planet. We don’t have this we will die within minutes of suffocation and be presumed dead.


The tree is what makes our oxygen and filters the carbon dioxide we produce after consuming the air we breathe. You get rid of plants or trees in this world, you won’t have air to breathe and that means death. So, the next time you go and buy paper, buy recycled paper.


Love is always what people need. To be loved or be liked is something that we differently can’t live without. You need to have love in order to have more kids or have a healthy mind and body.


We all need to eat and to grow we need food. We don’t have food we all wouldn’t grow. Also, almost everyone eats food to get energy and that what makes our bodies operate. You can live without food for a few days, but when it comes to not eating for one week, the body will start the shutdown of internal organs.


The sun is what makes the world grow without that, nothing would get its energy. The sun is what makes plants, tree, and certain life on this planet flourish. You don’t have this, you would for sure die off in a ice age.


This is something that made our lives so much easier to live. When we started to have this, we found better ways to cook, clean and have water pumps. If you don’t have this, you wouldn’t be able to have cleaner water or hot water to clean dishes. In the early years, there were so many people that die from unclean dishes or unsanitary cooking. I couldn’t imagine how they lived in the past without this luxury.


Today, thousands of people use the so-called internet to work, communicate with family and socialize. If there wasn’t the Internet, you wouldn’t be able to communicated freely with family. This is one of the best ways to find a wife or husband. However, be careful and take precautions. You also wouldn’t have any other way of finding out what’s going on in the world.


Yes, “Brother of god” as some people may call it. It’s true, you need money to have a house, support yourself and get to work. You can’t eat food or have water when you don’t have money. Money has always been the starter of arguments or causes people to kill to get it.

What do you think?

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