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The 6 Best Plants for Your Bathroom

Best Plants for Your Bathroom

Before You Begin

Different plants will be more at home in certain bathrooms than others. Lighting, humidity and temperature play big roles in the thriving of your botanicals, so take a moment to evaluate your bathroom decor, and then determine which plants will work best for you.


A bright, sun-drenched bathroom with at least one large window is ideal for almost any plant, but there are plenty of varieties that will live comfortably in low-light environments as well.

Tip: As a rule, south- and east-facing windows bring in the most light, while west- and north-pointing windows let in the least.


While not always a concern, high humidity is important to some plants.


 Most houseplants and many low-maintenance flowers can thrive in a variety of temperatures, ranging from 55 F to 85 F, with 65 F to 75 F being an ideal climate.

Pick a Plant
Although some factors in your bathroom may vary, you want to select a low-maintenance plant that can handle the environment in your bathroom (humidity, moisture, temperature, etc.) The following are good starter plants:

  1. ZZ Plant
  2. Bamboo
  3. Orchids
  4. Spider plant
  5. Jade plant
  6. Philodenron

Discover the Perfect Display Spot
A windowsill, a shelf, even atop the toilet or medicine cabinet — your bathroom is filled with lots of small nooks, perfect for perching a potted plant or flower. Whether your bathroom is big or small, get clues on how to spot the perfect space for all of your new plants.

For a Small Bathroom: When space is limited, utilize every inch. Place plants on the back of the toilet tank or along a windowsill. Don’t forget to look up, too: you may have a ledge on top of a cabinet or vanity that could easily house a small plant.

For a Spacious Bathroom: In a large bathroom, bring in an elegant metal plant stand, small side table or bookshelf to display your plants. If you have a large counter, create a small plant display in a corner.

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