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Foods to Eat More of If You’re Trying to Lose Weight

Foods to Eat

Not all calories are created equal. Different foods go through different metabolic pathways in your body.

They can have vastly different effects on your hunger, hormones and the number of calories you burn.


Foods to Eat More of If You're Trying to Lose Weight
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“An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” Benjamin Franklin

A medium apple has around 95 calories and 5 grams of filling fiber. Apple peels are also a rich source of ursolic acid, a natural plant compound that has been shown in preliminary studies to increase fat-burning.

In addition, one study reported that women who added three small apples (equal to 200 calories) to their diet per day lost a little more than 2.5 pounds in 12 weeks—more than dieters who did not include the fruit in their diet.


Asparagus is a spring vegetable that’s packed with nutrition.With just 40 calories per cup, asparagus packs in 4.5 grams of protein and 4 grams of fiber, making it one of the best picks to get the number on your scale headed south.

“The veggie’s high protein and fiber and low calorie counts make it a top pick for anyone trying to keep hunger at bay,” notes Torey Armul, RD, a spokesperson for the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics. Asparagus is also an excellent source of vitamins A, C, K, folate, and iron.


Foods to Eat More of If You're Trying to Lose Weight
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Beans are seeds from the Fabaceae family, commonly known as the legume, pea, or bean family. Beans are one of the best foods to enjoy when you’re trying to trim down.

A half-cup of beans provides about 110 calories and 7 grams of protein, around the same amount of protein as you’d get in an ounce of chicken or fish. They are an affordable source of fiber, and vitamins that offer many health benefits.


Berries are low in calories, high in fiber, and will satisfy your cravings for something sweet without any added sugar.

One study revealed that eating a snack of 65 calories of mixed berries resulted in participants eating 133 fewer calories at dinner, compared to those who ate a 65-calorie sugary treat instead.

Another study that looked at the eating patterns of more than 130,000 adults for more than 20 years found that berries were one of the best fruits for maintaining a healthy weight.

Citrus fruit

You shouldn’t eat only grapefruit–but citrus fruit can help tip the scale in your favor. A medium orange has just 60 calories and 3 grams of fiber, while a grapefruit has around 100 calories and 4 grams of fiber.

Due to their high water and fiber counts, citrus fruits have lower glycemic index scores and can help temper blood sugar levels to keep you satisfied for longer.


Foods to Eat More of If You're Trying to Lose Weight
Photo by Trang Doan from Pexels

A large egg has around 70 calories, 13 essential nutrients, and 6 grams of high-quality protein. Studies show that eating a balanced, egg-based breakfast can help keep you satisfied so it’s easier to limit your overall calories later in the day to help you peel off pounds.


A medium potato has around 160 calories, 4 grams of fiber, and is an excellent source of vitamin C and potassium. What’s more, taters are tops for satiety, thanks to their fiber and resistant starch, so enjoying a spud can help you achieve your healthy weight goals.

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