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myths about drugs that you had to stop believing

Myths About Drugs That You Had To Stop Believing

We often resort to drugs and are sure that we know enough about them. But in fact, many of our beliefs about pills, injections, and herbs are hopelessly outdated, and some turned out to be myths altogether.

Myths About Drugs That You Had To Stop Believing
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Birth control pills increase the risk of cancer

Recent studies show that taking contraceptives not only does not increase the risk of developing cancer, but also reduces it. Thus, women who took contraceptives rarely suffered from cancer of the uterus, ovaries, colon and rectum, and any other cancers. In addition, longer taking pills increases their “anti-cancer” effect.

Homeopathy is completely harmless.

Homeopathy is not officially recognized as a science, but homeopathic medicines may contain small doses of the active substance. Therefore, if you take these drugs for a long time and in large quantities, the active substance accumulates in the body and can give side effects and interact with other drugs, changing the course of treatment.

In addition, homeopathic medicines are produced contrary to international standards of evidence-based medicine and may contain potentially dangerous components. So, in 2017, US scientists found belladonna in teething. The reaction of this poisonous substance on the body of children under 2 years old is unknown, and therefore unpredictable.

The more expensive a medicine is, the more effective it is.

The conviction that the more expensive the better is firmly entrenched in the minds of people. And if it comes to health, then there is no need to save. Nevertheless, drugs often have analogs that are cheaper and at the same time no worse than expensive ones. However, replacing the prescribed drug on its own should not, in any case, it is necessary to discuss it with your doctor.

You can combine different types of treatment

We often neglect our safety and take several different medicines at the same time. Many of us know that this is fraught with complications and health problems. However, not everyone realizes that a combination of herbal remedies among themselves or with other types of drugs may be even more dangerous . That is, a harmless weed together with a pill or even with another weed can lead to an unexpected reaction. This is because one herbal collection contains many different components.

So, it is known that licorice reduces the effectiveness of drugs for hypertensive patients. And St. John’s wort, on the contrary, enhances the effect of blood-thinning drugs, which can lead to bleeding.

The doctor is mistaken when prescribing a dosage different from that indicated in the abstract.

It happens that a doctor prescribes medicine in a dosage other than that indicated in the abstract. Or prescribe the drug to the child, which is prohibited by the instruction. The chances that the doctor is incompetent, extremely small, most likely, he moves away from instructions, relying on his experience and in the interests of the patient.

If previously there was no allergy to any drug, then it will not be

Any allergy , including medication, may occur in a person who is not previously prone to it. This is due to changes in the body and the environment.

Phytopreparations, antibiotics, especially penicillin, and painkillers such as ibuprofen and aspirin cause allergies more often than others.

Antibiotics are more effective at injections than pills

This truth is outdated a couple of decades ago. Then the pills were not justifiably considered effective: the bioavailability (an indicator of how much the drug got into the blood) injections was about 80%, and oral medications – from 40 to 60%. But nowadays tablets have become more perfect: their bioavailability has increased to 90–95%, and sometimes they are more effective than injections. In addition, it is believed that taking pills is much safer .

But even now there are drugs that it makes sense to inject because in the stomach they are simply destroyed by enzymes.

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