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Photos That Reveal The Unseen Side Of Things

Photos That Reveal The Unseen Side Of Things

01. This Is What A Cleaned Heart Looks Like

02. Bank Vault Door

03. Human Embryo

04. Victoria Plant

These giant Lily-Pads called Victoria to grow quite large and when you flip them over you can see how these amazing plants create a lattice of support to stay afloat on the surface of the water. These plants can support up to 32 kilograms of weight! That’s amazing!

05. The inside of this guitar looks like an apartment 

Believe it or not, this is a photograph of the inside of an acoustic guitar. At first glance, it has the appearance of a vast interior concert hall or perhaps even a Frank Lloyd Wright home. However, if you look at the circular opening in the top, you can see the guitar strings.

06. This could be a really cool sticker to put on your car’s window, but…

It actually comes from the inside of an electronic dart board!

Photos That Reveal The Unseen Side Of Things

07. Grains of Salt Under Electron Microscope

Photos That Reveal The Unseen Side Of Things

08. This is an intact human nervous system that was dissected by 2 medical students in 1925. It took them over 1500 hours. There are only 4 of these in the world.

09. Ever wondered what the inside of a bomb looks like?

10. This is how huge power line towers are installed!

11. here is the blowhole of a blue whale!

12. What’s Under A Reporter’s Back: “Our Job Is So Glamorous”


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