small habits that daily destroy your life

Small Habits That Daily Destroy Your Life

It is believed that happiness is a relative concept. Everyone has their own. But psychologists and neuroscientists do not think so. They know exactly what makes us satisfied with life, and what is the opposite. Very often we feel bad because of quite ordinary things and small daily rituals that we don’t even pay attention to.

1. All the time we sit

Small Habits That Daily Destroy Your Life
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With the advent of computers and the development of the Internet, sedentary work is increasingly becoming the norm. In the evening, we transfer to a car or public transport, and at home we sit down again: we watch TV shows or movies and correspond with friends.

But without movement, the level of endorphins and other hormones responsible for happiness, decreases. Daily half-hour walking or two pieces of training a week will make you more vigorous and happy with life – no matter what kind of problem events occur in it.

2. Avoid deep attachment

Small Habits That Daily Destroy Your Life

Independent studies by scientists from different countries prove that people with strong attachments live longer and suffer less. However, some of the research participants were far from being rich.

Strong love, and not money or social status at all, give us a stable feeling of happiness. If you have enough money and a lot of impressions, and still there is not enough pleasure from life, think: maybe a strong relationship is exactly what you lack?

3. We spend the whole day indoors

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Almost everyone understands that the “home-work-home” mode does not contribute to happiness. But it turned out that the cinema, clubs, restaurants and other places where we sit within the four walls, too little help to enjoy life.

But the attacks on nature, especially in unfamiliar places, really make us happier, raise self-esteem and even improve communication skills with others. Psychologists have called it adventure therapy. It does not matter at all whether you go to another country or to a neighboring village where you have never been.

4. Do not join in what is happening

We enjoy only  active attention , when really passionate about. It is important not only what we do, but also how. For example, imagine two girls. One is angry that she has to do the cleaning: she would like to sit in a cafe on a date now, but no one called. The other calmly washes the dishes, admires the new mug and is quite pleased that she had time to bring the house in order.

In the first case, after this simple affair, the girl will feel emotionally squeezed out; in the second, she will receive pleasant emotions and relax. Being able to be fully present in the moment and not being distracted by memories, regrets or fears about the future is what makes life more interesting and meaningful.

5. Consume, not create

But one attention, though active, is not enough for us to be happy. For life to make sense, we must not only take , but also contribute to it. It brings us pleasure and helps us to feel our importance.

The good news: even the smallest actions that we perform on our own motivation, immediately raise the mood. Buy someone a gift, write a note, paint the wall – all these simple things return us stability and give the feeling that we do not live in vain.

6. We isolate ourselves from others.

In the age of individualism, belonging to a group is still a very important human quality. It is not enough for us to have friends or a loving family. For complete happiness, you need to feel connected with something more than ourselves.

Judging by the research, it helps to quickly deal with diseases, reduces stress levels and gives a feeling of confidence. At the same time, it does not really matter to which group you belong to: you can attend religious meetings, belong to a football club or a group of gamers and be equally pleased. The main thing – to feel in place.

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