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Movies about women who are worth reviewing every time we lose faith in ourselves

Films About Women Who Are Worth Reviewing Every Time We Lose Faith In Ourselves

Very often, circumstances force many women to live the life they don’t want. However, in difficult situations, you can make a decision that can completely change our world and change the way we go.

THE LADY – 2011


A historic film that tells the true love story of a Burmese and Myanmar politician and Nobel Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi and her husband Michael Aries, shot by the famous Luc Besson.

The action takes place in the 1990s, where the main character, seeing the terrible excesses of the armed forces of Myanmar, understands that the country needs political change, and enters the democratic movement.

The film is about incredible fortitude and human understanding, proving that everyone can change the world for the better.

IMDb rating – 7.1

Sonita – 2015


An Iranian film director’s film about a girl whose family fled from Afghanistan. Twice confronted with the danger of being married to their parents, Sonita finds a way out: she secretly records her first song, “Brides for Sale,” which is gradually gaining popularity.

The film did not have a script, the director accidentally saw Sonita and became interested in her when the girl was still in the center of assistance to refugees from Afghanistan. She communicated with the girl’s friends and acquaintances, and also helped Sonita herself in difficult life situations.

The perfect movie to remind yourself: everything is possible if you keep going forward.

IMDb rating – 7.7

The Eagle Huntress


A documentary film telling the story of a 13-year-old Kazakh girl Aisholpan who dreams of becoming an eagle hunter. However, in Mongolia, eagle hunting is allowed only for men.

Despite the ban, the girl’s father agrees to prepare Aisholpan to participate in the competition – the annual festival “Golden Eagle”.

The film, which tells that distrust and even frank confrontation are incapable of breaking a person who sincerely believes in his success.

IMDb rating – 7.5

Polina, 2016

Films About Women Who Are Worth Reviewing Every Time We Lose Faith In Ourselves

An international family living in Moscow is going through hard times. However, parents do their best to help their only daughter, Polina, to become a real ballerina.

Instead of staying at the Bolshoi Theater, Polina decides to try her luck in Europe, where she will face a serious meeting with the harsh reality of France. The girl passes many tests, among which the most difficult is the understanding that there is nothing worse when you yourself do not know what you want.

If you feel that you have not yet found yourself in this life, then “Polina” is obligatory for viewing.

IMDb rating – 6.7

Films About Women Who Are Worth Reviewing Every Time We Lose Faith In Ourselves

Snow Flower and the Secret Fan, 2011

Films About Women Who Are Worth Reviewing Every Time We Lose Faith In Ourselves

The plot is based on the novel of the same name , which tells about the friendship of two women, which lasts from their early childhood. The action of the film smoothly transfers the viewer from the 19th century China to the hectic XXI century.

The two main characters are different in character and temperament girls who have become each other called sisters. Throughout their lives, and especially during the ordeals, they try to maintain sincere love and loyalty to each other.

In the film with extraordinary subtlety, insight and at the same time, the theme of female friendship is shown, and the main idea tells the viewer that everything changes, but human love remains.

IMDb rating – 6.1

Portrait of a Beauty, 2008

Films About Women Who Are Worth Reviewing Every Time We Lose Faith In Ourselves

In the family of the hereditary royal portrait painter there are two children – a boy and a girl. His father wants his son to become an artist and continue the work of the family, but the boy does not have the slightest ability to painting. But his sister has an extraordinary talent.

However, in those days in Korea, a woman could not engage in the art, so the girl is forced to give out her paintings for the work of her brother. When it becomes harder to hide the truth, the father forces the girl to enter the Academy of Painting, where she has to impersonate a man.

IMDb rating – 6.6

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