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Facts about “The Lion King”

Facts About “The Lion King”

Stories about the adventures of the Simba the lion cub this year celebrated 25 years. And in the cinema, meanwhile, show the film version of the legendary animated film. And if the film embodiment of this story did not appeal to everyone, then the cartoon that has already become a classic is adored by millions of viewers around the world.

Facts About “The Lion King”

# It is unlikely that you paid attention, but the scar on the Scar’s face is practically a replica of the scar on the face of Tony Montana performed by Al Pacino from the movie “The Man with the Scar”.

# Among the working titles of the cartoon were “The King of Kalahari” and “King of the Beasts”, but later the picture was decided to be called “King of the Jungle”.

True, the creators soon remembered that lions do not live in the jungle, and as a result, they gave the cartoon the name “Lion King”. By the way, they say that in Disneyland you can find T-shirts with the original name “King of the Jungle”: maybe some of our readers have this?

# The original idea of ​​the cartoon was very different from the final result. George Scribner was supposed to direct it: he  planned to make something like a documentary animated picture in the style of National Geographic . When the team decided to make a musical from the cartoon, Scribner left the project.

# The plot also underwent significant changes: initially it was supposed to be a story about a war between lions and baboons , Timon and Pumba were friends of Simba’s childhood, and Simba himself became a lazy and sloppy character because of Scar’s intrigues.

# The creators have repeatedly argued that the inspiration for this story was Shakespeare’s Hamlet and biblical stories about Joseph and Moses. 

By the way, in the cartoon there is a scene where Scar plays with the skull – a kind of sending the authors to the story of the Danish prince.

# In truth, not everyone believed in the success of the “Lion King”. Many studio employees strongly doubted that the story of the lion cub, accused by his uncle of killing his father, against the background of Elton John’s music, would appeal to viewers. Even the writers were skeptical of him: Brenda Chapman did not want to get to work, because “the story is not very good,” and the writer Barney Mattison said: “I don’t know who will watch it.”

# “The Lion King” was considered a minor project – all studio bets were made on “Pocahontas.” Well, the pessimistic predictions of skeptics did not come true, and “The Lion King” was one of the most successful animations in world history, and he also marked the renaissance of Disney animation in the early 1990s. And yes, compare the total fees of “The Lion King” and “Pocahontas”: $ 968 million versus $ 346 million.

The Lion King / Walt Disney Pictures

# Not all characters designed for the script were included in the final version: for example, Mitu, Nala’s brother, was cut out, whom Simba had to save during the stampede . The wise fox and girlfriend Nala Bati, the lizard Iggy and another meerkat Tesma disappeared from the cartoon.

# The names of the characters have their meaning in the African adverbs: Simba means “lion”, Rafiki – “friend”, Pumba – “simpleton”, Banzai – “hiding”, Shenzi – “uncouth”, and Mufasa is the name of the last king of the people, who lived in Kenya before its colonization by the British.

# By the way, about Kenya: to recreate the African flora and fauna, animators traveled to Kenya and studied the local nature. Thanks to numerous sketches and sketches of the Kenya National Park, the pride lands that we see in the picture were visualized. 

The creators of the cartoon consulted with experts on wildlife, so that the behavior and habits of the characters were as natural and realistic as possible. And yes, filmmakers were also the first to hear the famous phrase “Acuna Matata” in Africa.

Facts About “The Lion King”

# A curious detail: if you look closely, the Ancestral Rock looks like a mouth of a large animal raised to the sky. Perhaps it is a crocodile, or a lion, or a bear – do you think there is any secret in this?

Facts About "The Lion King"
The Lion King / Walt Disney Pictures  

# 23 years after the cartoon was released, the director and producer unexpectedly admitted in an interview that Mufasa and Scar are not genetic brothers ! The creators of the picture stated that they were more likely rival lions living in the same pride, who, although they called each other brothers, were not such. After such news Scar no longer seems so merciless, but from the scene in the gorge it is unlikely to ever cease to ache!

# The authors of all the songs in the movie are Elton John and Tim Rice had written a lot of songs, but in the final version were only 5. 

The hardest part was given to the legendary track «Can You Feel the Love Tonight» : Tim Rice wrote the lyrics for about 15 songs for a few years, but as a result, the first one was chosen. 

Then doubts began as to what to do with the title line “Do you feel love tonight?”. She seemed out of place in the history of fathers and children. But they still left the song, and for good reason: it fell in love with the audience and brought the honored Oscar to the authors.

# Initially, Timon and Pumba were supposed to sing a song about eating beetles, but the creators decided not to insert it. Soon they remembered the phrase “Akuna Matata” that they learned about in Africa – then Tim Rice said that she somehow resembled the song “Bibidi-bobidi-bu” from “Cinderella”. Thus was born the legendary song “Akuna Matata”.

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