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Facts about Walt Disney – the man who made happy millions of children

Facts About Walt Disney – The Man Who Made Happy Millions Of Children

Walt Disney is considered a kind wizard and friend of all children who created an amazing fairy-tale world. There is  another opinion: the supposedly famous multiplier in reality was not good at drawing, appropriated other people’s ideas and literally tyrannized subordinates with ridiculous demands.

# Walter Elias Disney was born on December 9, 1901 in a very conservative family. He had a difficult relationship with his father, who beat his children for the slightest offense. The closest man of little Walt was his elder brother Roy, who comforted the baby after the severe “upbringing” of the parent.

# Already as a child, Disney wanted to draw, but his father did not buy pencils for him, considering this occupation stupid and useless. However, this did not stop the boy. He painted his first drawing on the wall of his house with resin. It was a cow. And he received his first fee for drawing a horse  – the owner of the animal gave him 25 cents for the baby.

Facts About Walt Disney

# When Walt was 7 years old, he saw an owl sleeping in the afternoon on the lower branches of a tree in the garden. The boy really wanted to catch her, but the bird began to break out of his hands, fighting with claws and beak. 

Then the frightened child threw the owl on the ground and stepped on it. Later, an adult Disney said he didn’t want to kill a bird, he was just confused, but he still sees nightmares about that terrible day for him. 

Since then, Walter is very reverent attitude to animals, which, in principle, can be seen in his work. There is a legend that he dreamed of resurrecting the owl he killed and made it in his cartoons.


# When Disney turned 16, he fled from his tyrant father to France. It was 1918, the First World War was not over, and Walter, forging a birth certificate and adding a couple of years, got a job as a driver of a Red Cross car. She also painted it with pictures.

# Walt created his own animation studio with the money of his brother Roy . And while she did not bring income, he also lived at his expense. Roy even cooked his younger brother forever immersed in the work, however, he was outraged by the quality of the dishes.

# Walter married his colleague Lilian in 1925. Then his studio was just starting work and was very small. But later, when the company unwound, Disney forbade its employees to have novels in the workplace.


# There are rumors that Disney was afraid of mice. This is hardly true, because it was Mickey Mouse that brought Walter fame. He was invented to replace the rabbit Oswald  – a character created by Disney on the order of Universal Pictures, the rights to which the customer took for himself.

# The first name of the mouse was Mortimer , but Walt’s wife rejected him. At her insistence, the character was renamed.

# At first, Walt voiced Mickey himself , but because of the chronic cough that developed as a result of smoking, he had to entrust this work to one of the actors, Jimmy MacDonald.

# In  1937 , Disney Studio released the world’s first full-color color cartoon “Snow White and 7 Dwarfs.” He was also the most expensive in the history of cinema at that time – his budget was about $ 1.5 million. In this animated film, Walt invested almost all the money the studio. 

In fact, he went for broke. His perilous idea paid off: “Snow White” brought its creator $ 8 million, as well as 8 Oscars: 1 for innovation and outstanding achievements in the field of animation, and 7 more “mini-Oscars” as a comic symbol of dwarfs. It was after this movie that Disney made a bet on full length movies.

# In general, Disney is an Oscar winner. He has 59 nominations for the prestigious award and 26 awards. No one has broken this record yet.

# For some time, Disney worked for the US government and filmed cartoons on state orders. Including some strange ones, for example, “The History of Menstruation,” which was shown in American schools until the 1960s.

# The Disney couple really wanted a child, but Lilian’s 2 pregnancies ended in miscarriages. After 8 years, they had a daughter, Diana Mary . After another 4 years, Walter and his wife adopted a little girl and named her Sharon May.

# Disney was a great father. He adored his children. The idea of Disneyland came to him when he walked with his daughters. He wanted to create a place where he would spend the whole family comfortably.

# No one believed in the success of Disneyland. When Walter was looking for investors, he was refused 302  times. Even the brother who always and in all supported him, this time doubted that the idea would pay off. Disney spent all his money, but brought the idea to life. His park opened in 1955, and after half a year, 1 million people visited it.

# In Disneyland, Walter built his apartments . They are located above the fire station on the main street of the park. The fact that the creator of this miracle is at home, visitors recognized by the lighted windows. Now the light is on all the time in memory of Walt.

# In Disneyland Khrushchev was not allowed . Perhaps the whole point is that the famous storyteller was a staunch anti-communist.

# After Disneyland, Walter decided to build a city of the future – without poverty and crime. For this, in 1964 he bought 14 thousand hectares of land in Florida. However, the death of the great multiplier did not allow this dream to come true. As a result, now on this place is located the famous Walt Disney World .

# Walt Disney died on December 15, 1966 from lung cancer. After that, the company, named after him, refused to show scenes with smoking.

Facts About Walt Disney

# Disney left a huge fortune not only to his descendants, but also to his housekeeper, Telma Howard. For each holiday, he gave her a share of his company. As a result, the woman has accumulated about $ 10 million.

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