What is the iPhone 13 Cinematic mode?

The cinematic mode of the iPhone 13 series includes both the front camera and the rear camera. The cinematic mode can record videos on Dolby Vision HDR.

Sensor-based mechanical stabilization, which was only available for the iPhone 12 Pro Max last year, has also been provided by Apple for the primary camera on all four iPhone 13 phones this year.

What is Cinematic mode?

The cinematic mode in the camera app gives you the depth dimensions of the video. Currently, the feature operates on a 16: 9 aspect ratio, with a maximum of 1080p up to 30fps.

The cinematic mode features on the iPhone 13 can mimic the focus capabilities of professional cameras and make your scenes look like Hollywood movies.

This feature automatically focuses your video scenes on specific subjects — for example, making someone in the foreground look completely clear, while everyone in the background is blurred out.

Also, if a character in the scene looks at someone in the background, the cinematic mode is intelligent enough to draw attention to them. And, of course, you can also manually select places of focus if you want.

It’s also possible to lock the focus to follow a face or item around the scene, continually blurring the background.

When recording, users will see a new button on the top right where you can see the aperture number. You can click this button to get a deeper or shallow field of view. However, the most important thing here is your ability to change the depth of field after recording a clip.

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