Rare photos of world history.

Rare photos of world history.

We can’t really go back and witness everything that happened. But there are moments that have been captured on camera which give us a rare insight into how history took its path and led the world to where it is today.

#1 Charming Einstein. CNN article, Einstein and sandals.

#2 In 1974, a child who first heard a sound with a hearing aid.

#4 In 1920, U.S. border inspectors stopped refugees from fleeing to Mexico.

Rare photos of world history.

#5 On Sweden’s first day of changing traffic rules to right in 1967, all drivers were at a loss of what to drive.

Rare photos of world history.

#6 In 1920, a tramp asked King George V of England for money.

#7 Slimming machines in the 1930s in the United States.

Rare photos of world history.

Rare photos of world history

#8 In 1956, 3.75MB hard disk was removed from Pan Am aircraft.

Rare photos of world history.

#9 In 1955, a father prepared a surprise for the child.

Rare photos of world history.

#10 Austrian children receiving new shoes during World War II.

Rare photos of world history.

#11 One of the earliest photos of the Sphinx in Egypt, taken in 1880.

#12 In 1944, 18-year-old Norma Jane Mortensen worked in a California factory. Later, she changed her name to “Marilyn Monroe”.

#13 In 1979, Obama took photos with other basketball team members at his alma mater.

#14 In 1969, Hillary Rodham, who had just graduated from college, changed her name to Hillary Clinton after she got married.


#15 1958: Elvis Presley in the army.

#16 In 1944, British distilleries used fighter planes to transport barreled beer to officers and soldiers on the front line.

#17 In 1975, Vietnam War Orphans were shipped to Los Angeles.

Rare photos of world history.

#18 In 1998, Sudan’s civil war killed at least 100 people a day. In MSF’s camp, the scrawny boy lines up to get his food, but at this moment is snatched by another man, then strides away…

#19 In 1932, construction workers rested on steel beams during the construction of RCA buildings in New York City.

Rare photos of world history.

At that time, in the era of the great depression, the unemployment rate was very high, many college students became construction workers, and even six Harvard graduates interviewed for an elevator operator position.

#20 Hitchcock served tea for the MGM lion. Yes, the one who often appeared at the beginning of a movie.

#21 On June 17, 1991, a small truck fled from the foot of the eruption of Mount Pinatubo in the Philippines. This is the second-largest eruption in the 20th century.

#22 Soldiers share bananas with lambs during the war, 1944

Rare photos of world history.

#23 Tomb of women and husbands of different religions, 1888.

#24 French little girl kisses American soldiers on Valentine’s day, 1945.

#25 In 1992, Michael vs. Michael. Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson.

Rare photos of world history.

#26 In 1990, Michael Jackson was invited to attend an opening ceremony. The owner who invited him became president of the United States 26 years later. His name is Donald Trump.

#27 In 1955, customers at the London record store auditioned for records in a soundproof room.

Rare photos of world history.

#28 In 1911, the diving suit developed weighed 250 kg, which was the ancestor of a diving suit later.

Rare photos of world history.

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